Ultimate Guide to Prom Transport

Arriving in style on prom night is all part of the fun and it needn’t cost the earth. Below is our guide to making an entrance – from totally free to wildly expensive and everything in between.

Walking Bus (group holding onto rope). Piggy Backs. Roller skates. Pogo sticks. Space hoppers. Kid sister’s Barbie bicycle.

Don’t be shy – rack your brains, think who has an interesting vehicle and persuade them to take you in it.

Metal shopping trolley. Wheel barrow. Sit-upon Lawnmower. Golf cart. Seafront Road Train. Army Truck. Scaffolding Lorry. Tractor. Digger. Ice cream van. Milk Float. Police Car. Hospital Bed on Wheels. Box Trailer. Flash car. Vintage car. VW Camper Van. Sedan Chair. Horse.

Pedal power is fun but not if you have far to go … or care about your hairdoo!!

Bicycle. Tandem. Tricycle.

There are vehicles one associates with prom. They can carry lots of friends, make the journey fun and are relatively easy to hire nationwide.

Stretch Limo. Hummer. NYC Yellow Taxi Limo. Traditional Black London Taxi. Big Red London Bus. Vintage Bus. Fire Engine. Ambulance. Horse and Carraige. Motor Trike.

Fleet of Minis. Fleet of Mopeds – practice formation driving beforehand.

Now we’re getting into more unusual choices. Slightly harder to find on the net so we’ve given some links but there are other companies out there so check yourself for local services.

Tuk Tuk. Dell Boy 3 Wheeler. Classic cars – Fire up the Quattro. A Team Van. Stretched Ferrari Limo. Simpsons Bus. American Yellow School BusBarbie Doll BoxesScooby Doo Mystery MachineCinderella Carriage.

Crazy money … but just so you know.

Tank. Tank Limo. Helicopter.

If you decide to hire make sure the vehicle is licensed to carry passengers and fully insured. Know exactly how many people the vehicle can carry. Check wet weather contingency plans if appropriate. Book your vehicle to arrive at your collection point with enough time for a thousand photos – you’ll want them. Finally, prom season is a very busy time so book well in advance to avoid disappointment.